E1 – Boning Knives

E1 Series is the standard handle for boning knives, specially designed for work where the knife is used towards the body.  The ridge of the handle end is shaped to avoid pressure points and provide a more comfortable grip.  The handle is made out of a nylon material for optimum grip.


E1 – Butcher Knives

The E1 Series butcher knives have a handle with a long proven track record.  It offers a well thought out design, a pronounced finger guard and curved back for even better handling.  The rough nylon surface allows for an enhanced grip.


E7 – Boning Knives

The handle of our E7 knives is newly developed specifically for boning.  It is longer, more narrow and thinner than our E1 handle.   This results in a product that is more comfortable in-hand, easy to turn, and is the new standard when it comes to boning.  Made out of nylon with a non-slip surface.


E8-Boning Knives

A further development of the E7 series made of 2 materials.  Firstly, there is a harder plastic surrounding the steel.  This serves as a sturdy foundation for the non-slip rubber coating which covers it.  This surface provides superior grip and gives the feeling that the handle “sticks” in your hand.  At the upper end towards the blade, the handle is flattened so that there are no scratches on the handle of the knife during regrinding.


E6 – Butcher Knives V-Series

This handle is slightly shorter than our E7 design.  It has a pronounced finger guard and is not as curved at the end, so that pressure points are avoided.  It has the same new surface as the E4 series, which is rougher for added grip.


E3 – Safety Knives for Boning Knives

A completely new handle for optimum safety.  It is designed for boning and therefore has a less pronounced “nose” to allow for comfortable use.  A new method to obtain a rough surface was implemented so it lies exceptionally safe in-hand.



E3 – Safety Knives for Butcher Knives

This handle provides extensive protection when working with butcher knives.  It helps avoid workplace accidents and offers “all round” safety.  The finger guard is very pronounced so that a finger slip onto the blade is almost impossible.  It also has the new innovate non-slip surface.


Manager – Industrial Knives

Traditional plastic handle which is only used by our Manager knife series.  The handle has a pronounced finger guard, and a speciality roughened surface that conveys a feeling of safety when working.  Available in nylon in yellow / orange colour.